Wardens and Parish Council

Parish Council 2016


Vass RobRob Vass
Steve Turner - Warden
Stephen Turner
user[1]Ken Andrews
Finance and Stewardship
user[1]Jennifer Meister


Janice Mayne

Vestry Clerk
Jeanette Rutherford

Lay Delegates to Synod
Joan Barnum                                                                                                     Susan Collins
Judy Jones
John Sizeland


Alternates to Synod
Janice Mayne
Ken Andrews

Members at Large

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Back Row, left to right: Jeanette Rutherford (Vestry Clerk), Wendy Thorpe, Joan Barnum, Susan Collins, Brenda Smith, Dave Lucas, Ken Andrews, Jennifer Meister, John Sizeland, Bob Blackburn, Steve Turner. Front Row, left to right: Rev. Gary Nicolosi, Barb Robinson, Judy Jones, Elaine Chick-Jones Missing: Rob Cosh, Norm Kelly, Janice Mayne, Steve Mayne, Peggy Roffey (taking the picture)

Gerry Adam
PWRDF Rep. (not Parish Council Member)
(Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund)

Libi Clifford
AFP (not Parish Council Member)
Anglican Fellowship of Prayer