Feasibility Study for Fund-raising Campaign is Underway

At its January 2017 meeting, St. James’ Parish Council passed a motion to hire consultants to  assess the feasibility of launching a campaign to raise funds for much-needed repair, reconstruction, and restoration work on our church building. Between $1 and $1.5 million is needed to supplement bequests already received for this purpose. Work required includes:

  • Structural upgrades to ensure the building meets regulatory codes: walls, transepts, ceilings, roofs, masonry require repair and reconstruction
  • Upgrades to our mechanical and electrical systems
  • New energy-efficient, silent ceiling fans in the church
  • Repainting of the church interior
  • Installation of suitable lighting  to illuminate the rose window from the inside, and
  • Construction and placement of new outdoor signage.

Please click on the following links for more information.

Heritage Report Intro

Peterman report

Marklevitz Building Condition Report Mar 31 16

Condition Assessment Report September 2013

Internal Building Report M&E December 2013

There will be a Town Hall meeting to discuss this matter following the 10:30 service on March 26.