Supporting ministry and mission at St. James Westminster

Thank you for your financial support of St. James. The generosity of parishioners and visitors makes possible our ministry, programs, services, outreach, and preservation of our beautiful Church building.

There are four major ways you can support St. James, for which you will receive an annual tax receipt. Please choose the option which works best for you:

  • Use personalized offering envelopes at the Sunday Service each week – either cash or cheque is fine.
  • Sign up for a monthly offering debited automatically from your bank account; contact the office at
  • Make a monthly donation using your credit card, also by contacting the Church office at the email address above. You can also make a one-time donation through the Church office or through this website.
  • Make a gift in kind via a transfer of stocks, which can be very tax-effective since capital gains are not taxed on donations of securities to registered charitable institutions.

How much should I give?

This question is a very personal one. Should I give annually to St. James Westminster $200, $500, $2,500, $5,000? Each person decides according to individual circumstances and personal commitment to the church. Consult the side-bar as you decide.

Where do you see yourself on this chart, both now and in the future? Support for one’s church, many people agree, is the most important charitable contribution one makes, based as it is on what is most important to us in our lives. Ideal support is based on a combination of one’s individual circumstances and a generosity of spirit. Through our commitment, St. James Westminster thrives and, through its ministry, continues to be at the very core of our lives.

Planned Giving: Remembering the Church in your will

Just as Saint James Westminster has had a meaningful impact on your own life, so too do you have the opportunity to leave a meaningful gift and legacy to Saint James Westminster. In doing so, you help the church and its ministry continue to thrive for future generations.

Many individuals have helped Saint James Westminster maintain its special character by making a planned gift. Such a gift provides an ongoing annual contribution to Saint James after you pass away and thus carries your commitment into the future. There are 3 main ways to do so:

  • A bequest through your will
  • A life insurance policy which benefits Saint James
  • A memorial gift

A properly planned gift can:

  • reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes,
  • generate a charitable donation tax credit,
  • provide a more substantial gift to Saint James Westminster than you ever thought possible.

To learn more about each option, read this PDF.

St. James Westminster Church Foundation

What Is It?
The Foundation was established by the parish of St. James Westminster, London, in 1988 to receive and manage funds dedicated to ensuring a stable future for the parish’s Outreach work, its programs, and its buildings.

How Does it Work?
The Foundation receives and manages funds from special donations. The capital is held in trust by the Foundation and the income is disbursed annually. A volunteer Board of 8 members and the Rector manages the Foundation, receives and invests its assets, manages its earnings, and reports at least annually to the Foundation’s Members – the Parish Council. It also reports to the annual Vestry meeting of the whole congregation.

Why Is It Needed?
The Foundation provides a financial resource that supplements what the congregation can give each year. It enhances our ability to be generous in the London community and beyond.

Whom Has the Foundation Supported?
Since its inception in 1988, the foundation has disbursed $1.7 million: $1.2 million was granted to the Parish to assist with our Community Breakfast program, our School Breakfast program, Refugee Support, our Youth Programs, and Theological Education. The balance was granted to 50 separate charitable organizations in the London community and beyond.

How Can I Donate to the Foundation?
Donations can be made by cheque, debit, credit card, or by way of a Gift of Securities or Insurance Policies. Gifts of $10,000 or more are commemorated on the Foundation Plaque. To learn more about memorial bequests, see the last page of the August 2015 issue of The Chimes, our Parish Newsletter.

To contact the Foundation to make a gift, contact the Church Office Administrator at 519-432-1915 or