My Favourite Hymn — Abide with Me

Parishioners are invited to identify their favourite hymns for recording and posting by Stephen Holowitz, invited musicians, and Paul Grambo.

This week, Greg Yarrow says “Abide with Me” is my favourite. I was first truly moved by it when I saw the movie “A Bridge Too Far” in the theatre. In the closing scene a cut-off and surrounded group of wounded Allied soldiers and their caregivers, including a German doctor, knew they would soon be executed by the Nazis. They sat on the lawn in front of this little house and sang this hymn. I cried. I later found out that it was very popular with the WWI troops in the trenches. It moves me because although I know my God always abides by me, in my head, the words (and music) are a cry from the heart to reassure itself that this is so.