New Rector Announced: Rev Canon Keith Nethery

St. James Westminster is pleased to announce the appointment of Rev Canon Keith Nethery as the new rector to lead our congregation.

St. James Westminster is pleased to announce the appointment of a new rector to lead our congregation. Rob Vass, Warden, made this announcement on September 17, 2017.

On behalf of the St. James Westminster Church Selection Committee and the Bishop of Huron, Bishop Linda, I am very pleased to announce that Bishop Linda has appointed the Reverend Canon Keith Nethery as the rector of St. James Westminster Church, London effective November 1, 2017. Canon Keith is currently the rector of Holy Trinity-St. Stephen’s in London.

I would like to very much like Thank the Selection Committee who performed the task of Selection with great passion, caring, professionalism and thoughtful prayer. The Selection Committee included:

  • Rob Vass- Chair
  • Anne Mckay- Co Chair
  • Ken Andrews
  • Steve Turner
  • Jennifer Meister
  • Judy Jones
  • Susan Collins
  • Ron Cripps
  • Steve Mayne
  • Joan Barnum
  • Laura Manias

I would also like to acknowledge and thank both John Sizeland and Duncan Sizeland, who when Keith’s name was presented graciously stepped down as a result of their family relationship.

I would also like to on behalf of the Wardens and the Congregation of St. James like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Nancy Adams for your spiritual leadership, caring support and great dedication for St. James over the past year.
Lastly , I would like to introduce in the form of a note from Keith a message to the congregation of St. James:

Well, let’s see – I’m humbled, thankful, excited, scared and a couple of dozen other things as I am presented to you today as your new Rector. Some of you will know me, other’s are thinking – who is he? Well, I’m Keith! I’m an ideas person. I colour a bit outside the lines, but I understand tradition. Our future is what we make of it together and I will push just a little to define that. We are a family of God’s people and everyone is part of the family and everyone has a voice. I fancy myself as a story teller and that is how I teach and preach, in fact story is the biggest part of me. My door is always open and I never met a conversation I didn’t enjoy. That said, I am a card carrying introvert, who has learned to function in the extrovert portion of God’s creation. I like the Kansas City Chiefs, Denny Hamlin and the Toronto Blue Jays. I don’t watch hockey (you’ll get to hear the story as to why.) I like 70’s stuff and country music (but not so much today’s
country) I used to be a radio announcer in a previous life! I’m married to Suzanne. Sarah-Anne, Rebekah and Noah are my children and we also have a beagle named Charlie (although that isn’t what I usually call him.) I have no sense of humour what so ever! If you are thinking, “this isn’t how we would expect our new priest to introduce himself.” Well, that’s just me!

I wish to share with you what a tremendous job your search committee did. The documentation was well prepared and provided a wonderful snapshot of the parish. During the interview process they made a comfortable, safe space, but were not afraid to ask challenging questions and to dialogue with the answers. The parish visits (which are difficult because we have to pretend we don’t know each other) were handled with care. Through the entire process I felt the Spirit of God and an honest sense of trying to determine how best for this Parish to go forward. I believe Rob will thank the group by name. I would however like to thank two people who were on the committee and then weren’t on the committee. John Sizeland and Duncan Sizeland, my brother in law and nephew, graciously stepped aside when it was announced that I would be a candidate. I know Duncan especially was thrilled to be chosen and I know it must have hurt to step back. While John and Duncan took no part in the interview and selection process, I know they did great work in the original start up and have kept the parish and the candidates in prayer during this time.

It hurts to leave my friends at Holy Trinity St. Stephens Memorial and Christ Church Glanworth. For many of them I have been pastor for more than a decade. So I come with a tear in my eye and a quiver in my heart, but in my spirit I believe this is God’s plan. There is much to be done and I can’t wait to be amongst you and begin to create and carry out the vision.