Youth and Families


Parents are welcome and encouraged to bring their children aged 0 to 4 to our Nursery at the 10:30 service. The Nursery is held in our children’s play space at the back of the Church Hall. No stairs to climb; just get the children settled right before you head into the church.

Sunday School

Our Child and Youth Christian Education Programs are designed to support the spiritual maturation of young parishioners. The  goal is to help each of them develop and grow in the nine qualities that constitute the “Fruit of the Holy Spirit” (Galatians 5:22). Parents are key partners in this process.

Our Children’s program, Prophecies and Promises, introduces children to key stories in the Old and New Testaments. They learn that actions bring sad or happy consequences, that God is always a faithful and loving guide, and that Jesus shows us the way to be in the world.

Christmas pageantChristmas pageantEach session includes a prayer, a reflection on how they “filled someone’s bucket” by being kind and helpful over the past week, or what someone did to fill their bucket. Then they engage in story telling followed by a craft or activity related to the story. At key times throughout the year, like Lent, Easter, Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas, they turn their attention to those special occasions. Each session runs from 10:15 to 11:15 a.m., at which point the children join the congregation for Communion.

At Christmas time, the children and youth present a Christmas Pageant, supported by our Music Director and parent/grandparent volunteers.

Youth Program

Outdoor-Service-with-Youth-Pilgrims-before-the-June-2015-Church-PicnicThe Youth Program extends the process of spiritual maturation. The youth explore their faith as they make their way into the adult world. They deepen their study of Christ’s ministry and engage in discussions of how qualities like the Nine Fruits are tested and strengthened through encounters with the challenges and complexities of daily life. The Youth Program has a special focus on pilgrimage or spiritual journey. Each group of St. James pilgrims has journeyed to a place of spiritual significance where they engage in prayer, song, conversations, thoughtful reflections, and celebrations.  As one parent put it, the pilgrims come home “with bigger hearts”.