Spring Study Groups: The Great Spiritual Migration

Our Spring Study Group will focus on Brian McLaren’s book, “The Great Spiritual Migration.” McLaren started his life of faith in the Quaker community and has since launched himself through a significant spiritual journey. He spends much time in speaking engagements and writing his blog and has authored many books. In “The Great Spiritual Migration”, McLaren looks at the change taking place in the Christian Church and suggests it is time to take this several more steps forward.

McLaren advocates for much greater co-operation in the faith community, both on a Christian level, but also on an interfaith basis. At the heart of this book is a call to community building and recognizing that all are beloved of God and therefore we must draw our circle wider.

To participate in the study you will need a copy of the book. It is available through the public library system.  We will be placing an order for copies of the book on April 2nd. We want everyone to be able to participate, so there is no charge for the book, but we would welcome any donation of up to 20 dollars to help cover costs. Please contact the church office by April 2nd if you would like to order a copy.

As there is never one specific day or time that works for everyone, we are going to give two separate opportunities.  Tuesday evening sessions will begin at 7 pm on April 23rd and Thursday morning sessions will begin on April 25th at 10 am.

At this point, we expect to finish the study in early to mid June. Both Keith and Hana will be involved in leadership of the group.