St. James Hosts Confirmation

Confirm 1On Sunday, May 29, 2016, St. James Westminster graciously hosted a Diocesan Confirmation Service, led by Bishop Bob Bennett with the assistance of The Venerable Sam Thomas, Archdeacon; The Reverend Canon Kevin George, Regional Dean; and The Reverend Dr. Gary Nicolosi, Rector of St. James.

A total of 25 youth and adults from eight parishes made their confirmation vows; two adults reaffirmed their baptismal vows. Clergy from each parish presented their candidates for confirmation.

From St. James, the candidates were: Carrie-Lee Connel-Gripp; Andreas Gripp; Brandon Ryan Czink; Liam Ibbot; Sean Ibbot; Rona Robbins; Duncan James William Sizeland; Gabriel Sizeland; and Matthew Smith. Shirley Diane Parke and Peggy Roffey reconfirmed their baptismal vows. Candidates from our sister Parishes: St. Aidan’s: Doug Wilson-Hodge, Morgan Sherlock; St. Andrew’s: Christopher Donald Vincenti Dustin, Mathew Donald Gillard; Ascension: Mauricio Alexander Rodrigues Hernandez; St. George’s: Skye Grace Wagenman, Elaina Anne Wagenman; St. John’s: Aurora Jane Licsik Hannay, Mark Allan Patrick Luxton, Risca Naw; St. Jude’s: Meghan Elizabeth Byloo; Julia Marie Margaret Davis, Kerry Lynn Oliver, Jared Thomas Smith, Liam Donovan Smith; St. Paul’s: Jordan Christopher Murray.

It was a moving service, made even more so by the music selected by Stephen Holowitz and sung by St. James’ choir, augmented by choir member from sister parishes. Members of each parish attended the service and enjoyed a reception afterwards, hosted by St. James’ tireless and dedicated Anglican Church Women.